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Chapter Twenty Three - Team Building Exercises

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"Part of making the workplace fun is energizing your followers. You can energize the workplace by using games to build teams and teamwork. There are a large variety of teamwork, discovery and ice breaking exercises. At first blush, some leaders are reticent about using games as a means to teach concepts and strengthen workgroups. Okay, so dont think of them as games, think of them as exercises."
Andrew J. Harvey and Raymond E. Foster (Leadership: Texas Hold 'em Style).


Lesson 4: Use Variety in your Lesson Plan

Team Building Workshop Action Plan

Team Building

Team Building

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Team Building Debrief

What to Ask of a Team Building Consultant

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Team Building Culinary Workshops (Stanford University)

Team Building Activities, Initiative Games, & Problem Solving Exercises

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Desert Survival Team Building Exercise

Jigsaw Puzzle


Articles on Team Building Exercises

Stompin: Frank Cable Chiefs Mess Improves on Team Concept
"Youve got to see what your capabilities are outside of your normal working environment, said USS Frank Cable (AS 40) Command Master Chief Mark Fiorey. Master Chief Fiorey, along with the entire Frank Cable Chiefs Mess, got the chance to do just that Friday, Feb. 2 when the group participated in a day-long boonie stomp, a team-building exercise emphasizing cohesion amongst the mess. It was a good day, said Master Chief Personnel Specialist (SW/AW) Danilo Lintag. It was effective team building because you had fun with chiefs you dont normally interact with on a day-to-day basis.

Team Building
Your organization is ready to roll; your officers are enthusiastic about beginning the year, and your returning and/or newly recruited members are eager to contribute. The manner in which you successfully channel this collective group energy is important for your organization. Knowing the stages of group development coupled with the team building process can help you point your group in the right direction. There are two important steps to take before you just plunge into the year's activities - building your group into a team and determining your team goals for the year.

Choosing the right Team Building Exercises
Team building exercises and games can sometimes be 'a hit' or 'a miss'. Follow our simple process to choose the right team building exercises for you, because well chosen team building exercises will deliver benefits to the organization and individuals. Team building exercises that are poorly chosen could waste your time or even have a negative effect.

What, Your Team Building Event Didnt Work?
I have been a professional team building consultant for twenty years and learned long ago that
'touchy feely' workshops are rarely the answer for adult team building programs. Deeper
issues lie beneath the surface and the 'team building' session itself may only expose additional
work from one to one intervention to real group work about real issues.

The Team Building Trap: Three Critical Elements in Building Strong Teams
As you walk through your office, you look at the boxes stacked in the hallway and wonder why they havent been moved in weeks. With new eyes you notice papers piled on desks and files cluttering the bookshelves. People arent greeting each other in the hallways and everyone looks tired.

Team Building with Time Wasting
Teams seem to be becoming more and more common and important. Management theorists and organizations around the world are extolling the value of teamwork. As the traditional, hierarchical school of leadership begins to diminish in significance, a new focus on networked team leadership is emerging to take its place. Leaders are finding themselves as members of all kinds of teams, including virtual teams, autonomous teams, cross-functional teams, and action learning teams.

The Dynamics of Team Formation
As many researchers have learned the hard way, forming a team that can function effectively over time to achieve a difficult task is not an effortless process, and certainly not instantaneous. Frequently, it takes more time for the diverse individuals on the team to come together as a community than it does actually to accomplish the work. But as Robert Reusing, acting director of programs and services for the Foundation for Community Encouragement, says, "Community building is a practice, much like yoga or meditation. It can be cultivated with an ongoing effort."

Team Motivation
Motivation. We hear the term often. Generally we associate the word with human behavior, meaning, a state of mind that moves us to action. And even though few of us have had formal training in it, its one of those characteristics of life that seems to fit the old adage, I know it when I see it. For most of my years working in the field of workplace collaboration, this word has held a place of stature and importance, because it has been, perhaps, the most significant outcome of worker involvement. As the collaboration trend, and more specifically, the use of employee teams continues to grow, one question that is taking on greater importance is how to keep the team motivated over the long haul.

The Six Deadly Sins of Team-Building
There is no question that the traditional workplace, with its emphasis on internal competition and individual star performers is undergoing a transformation. Management experts and researchers are suggesting that the successful organization is one characterized by effective teamwork, and leadership rather than management. Organizations are realizing the importance of developing teams that can work in a coordinated, efficient, and creative manner

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