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In addition to providing links to our favorite film and television leadership clips, we have also included a comprehensive document on Leadership in the Movies.  Over 40 movies with a synopsis and thoughts on the various leadership theories, models and actions demonstrated. 

Click to Download the Leadership and Movies file.

Why Poker is Better than Business School
Interview with American Federation of Poker by Forbes on Leadership, business strategies and poker.


Insights on Leadership
An interview of the authors of Leadership: Texas Hold 'em Style, Dr. Andrew J. Harvey and Raymond E. Foster on general issues in leadership, management and supervision.


Business Leadership
Bloomberg Television is a sophisticated 24-hour business and financial channel that is broadcast worldwide in seven languages via ten networks, ultimately reaching over 200 million homes. Dr. Andrew J. Harvey has appeared as a leadership authority on the Bloomberg Business Show.


Leadership by LTG Harold Moore

This is an inspiring video produced by the U.S. Army. It contains Lieutenant General Hal Moore's four principles of leadership. It is a must-watch for any leader.

Time: 4 minutes

Ratings: Five Stars


The Importance a Personal Leadership Development Plan
A variety of interviews from military, business and academic leaders on the importance of developing a personal leadership plan:
Time: 4 Minutes
Rating: Four Stars


Navigating Leadership
A short inspirational look at leadership through the use of film clips and photographs.
Time: 6 Minutes
Ratings: Five Stars


Shift Happens

Created by Karl Fisch, and modified by Scott McLeod; Globalization and The Information Age.  For every leader, every day.

Time: 6 Minutes

Rating: Five Stars

Leadership Lessons Learned from Texas Hold em

A short introduction demonstrating a few of the analogies between poker and leadership.  The speaker is George Smart, Strategic Development

Time: 5 minutes

Ratings: Four Stars


Motivation and Leadership

Why building a better world is such a powerful motivation. Lecture by Dr Patrick Dixon for MTN, author of Building a Better Business, Future-wise and conference speaker.

Time: 6 Minutes

Ratings: 4 Stars


The Home Run

A film directed by a Ron Shelton.  A true story that demonstrates winning is unrelated to score.


Who's Your Leader?
A few words on what not to do.


First Follower
Followership as the essence of leading by example.


What is Leadership?
Can you do better than the average person in defining leadership?


Duke Ellington Model of Leadership


Where Good Ideas Come From

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